Our Vision

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality professional representation and personal service to achieve the best results. We serve individuals and other companies (both for and not for profit) through a wide array of practice areas and we are committed to delivering cost-effective legal services.

We offer a full spectrum of legal services, including Family, Business & Commercial, Real Estate, Wills & Powers of Attorney, Estate Administration and Notary Services available on site.

 Our Team

Stan Zigelstein Law Office is composed of dedicated and skilled attorneys as well as an experienced professional staff all committed to providing the very best legal service possible. We provide our clients with advice based on experience and legal research in different areas of the law.

Contact Stan

(905) 820-5588 Ext. 225

Stan Zigelstein

LL.B, Senior Consultant

Contact Diane

(905) 820-5588 Ext. 222

Diane Burnes

Law Clerk

Contact Naila

(905) 820-5588 Ext. 224

Naila Ahmed

Law Clerk

Contact Fareeda

(905) 820-5588 Ext. 227

Fareeda Usman

Law Clerk

Contact Priyanka

(905) 820-5588 Ext. 226

Priyanka Sharma

Legal Assistant

Contact Tayyeba

(905) 820-5588 Ext. 221

Tayyeba Khan

Legal Assistant

Ben Gormley

Student Assistant

 Our Services

We understand that our clients not only want us to act on their behalf but also expect us to carefully analyze and consider those factors and alternatives necessary to find cost-efficient solutions to their legal concerns.


Family Law

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Commercial Law

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Real Estate

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Wills & Powers of Attorney

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Notary Services

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If you would like initial advice, we usually suggest a preliminary meeting. For more information or to make an appointment, please contact us by visiting us personally, email or telephone.


Stan Zigelstein Law Office
South Common Centre
Suite 54-2150 Burnhamthorpe Rd. W.
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada, L5L 3A2

Tel: 905-820-5588
Fax: 905-820-2164


Hours of Operation:

  • Monday – Friday 10:00am to 5:30pm
    (We are able to accommodate for evenings, please call for appointment)
  • Weekends – Closed