Notary Services

Sometimes it is necessary to verify your own signature on a document because, without verification by a notary or a commissioner, you are unable to use the document. In this situation Stan Zigelstein Law Office provides you with notary and commissioner services. Our office provides notary and commissioner services in:

  • Affidavits,
  • Oaths,
  • Notarizations,
  • Commissioner matters,
  • Solemn Declarations,
  • Affirmations,
  • Certified or Notarized Copies,
  • Certify or Notarize a matter,
  • Swearing Declarations,
  • Sworn Statements,
  • True copies notarized
  • Invitation letter

You do not need any appointment for notary services; simply call our office to confirm the presence of the notary in the office.